Go Time

As you probably heard in Bryan’s audio post (see below), they arrived safe and sound to Camp 3/High Camp.  The camp sounds gross, but the Alpenglow team doesn’t contribute to it getting grosser because they carry out their waste.  Luckily they won’t have to stay too long because they will be leaving around 11:30pm Tibet time to head for the summit!.  The doc reports Bryan is feeling great, and we should all send some strong vibes his way.


Once they leave, Alpenglow will be updating their blog as well as their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.  Do as Tommy does and give it a gander.

Once again, Larry is pulling through with a progress map.  Let’s hope this one isn’t up for long, as I have another waiting to upload!


North Col in Good Time

As you saw in the last entry from Bryan, the team has started their summit bid!  Since Bryan won’t have wifi, I am updating the blog.  Monica, the team doctor, let me know Bryan and the gang made it to North Col in great time, and they are feeling good.  They will be on oxygen from here on out.  I am hoping he gets a good night’s rest for the rest of his journey.  You can all thank Larry (Bryan’s dad) for the progress map below.


Change of Plans

I am writing this update because Bryan and the team are staying another night at North Col.  They plan to head back down to ABC tomorrow.  Though last night he slept and felt better than he expected, once he got going he wasn’t feeling so hot.  Nothing too severe, but sounded like enough to make climbing, and just being, a bit unpleasant.  Regardless of his physical state, he sounded upbeat.  The guy impresses me to no end–he keeps a positive attitude and rolls with whatever comes his way.  Soon I am sure he will fill us all in with the entire adventure to North Col and all the details including the pictures.  He said the views are amazing!

Arrived at North Col

I received a call from Bryan this morning.  It was quick and muffled, but he did inform me he is safe and sound at North Col camp!  Bryan said he was feeling pretty good, and the climb was hard.  He was getting ready for bed, which will probably prove to be a restless night of sleep due to the increase in altitude.  Tomorrow the team plans to climb higher up the mountain before heading down to ABC for the night.  After that, waiting for the routes to be set and a weather window to climb all the way to the top.  Go Bryan!