Great Success!!!

I´m sitting at Plaza de Mulas, which is the base camp on the other side of the mountain enjoying a cold Andes cerveza and reflecting on our group´s trip to Aconcagua so far.

We reached the summit of Aconcagua – 22,841ft yesterday just after 4pm local time. It sure was a long and hard day. It took us just over 12hrs round trip, and was far from the “easy“ walkup that a lot of arm chair climbers call it. We nearly watched a guy die from cerebral edema, and another Thai climber had perished on the summit a week prior.
7 of the people from our group made it, and we´re all in good spirits.- It was a hard climb, but we´re all in good spirits down here at base camp. Two folks left our group shortly after base camp, and another was turned around prior to Camp 3 which was nearly 20,000ft after leaving camp 2 which was about 18,000ft.
Anyway, my time is nearly up on this computer. I´ll update when i get back to Mendoza in two days. I love everyone, and can`t wait to see everybody again real soon.
We made it!!

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