Corrections and PopTarts

Just talked to Bryan on the phone.  He is excited to head out today and seems to have adjusted fairly well to the time change already.  Bryan has this way of asking me about my day and showing interest in a way that makes me feel like I am one of the most important people around, and by doing so, almost glosses over the fact he is in Russia.  In Russia about to embark on a journey to a part of the world most people will never see, and work towards completing a goal most would never dream of, mind you.  How can he reach for such amazing things and find interest in some of the most mundane?

I just started to get off topic by exploring the amazingness of my husband, so let me bring it back to what I started this post about:

I got the leader guy’s name incorrect in the last post, and though Bryan would probably be able to help me edit the actual post, he is in Russia so I will just write more.  One can’t argue Bryan’s way of moving through life is based on the “more is better” idea, so more blog posts the better!  OK, back to the name…There is no Patrick on this trip, but rather a Victor.  Now Victor is a much better Russian name than Patrick by far.  But if we are talking good Russian names, I think Sulton (not sure how you spell it) takes the cake!  Sulton is the guide who will accompany Bryan up the mountain while Victor is the 60ish old logistics guy, will hang in the hut with Annett the cook.

Oh, and for those wondering if the PopTarts have been broken into, the answer is no.

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