Heading into #6 and final prep for Chomolungma

I’m looking forward to getting to Australia this week for work, and knock off #6 – Mount Kosciuszko (Kozee-us-ko) in the process.   While although Kozy isn’t exactly an intimidating mountain, given it’s only 7,310ft and there is a paved path to the top, it’ll still be good to get out and walk around with my good buddy Rick.  I think it’d be fairly anti-climatic to make Kozy be the final peak, although it would have been cool to have MB along for the ride on at least one of them.

April 18th is the final departure date for Mt. Everest and it’s rapidly approaching.   Now, it’s down to final details and making sure that I keep up the training program up until the last minute.  With having made an attempt before, I have 95% of the stuff I’ll want this time.  It’ll just be little things that I wished I had last time, or things that I wished I hadn’t brought.

Training has been going really well and I thank Paul at Gym Jones for the mindset reset – turns out it was needed more than I recognized.   In addition, I’ve been sleeping in the Hypoxico tent, and training on the bicycle downstairs while simulating about 16,000ft at the moment.  By the time I leave, I’ll hopefully be acclimatized to 17,000-18,000ft which should put us in a position to make the trip as quick as is safe, reasonable and feasible.

Good times!

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