The adventure continues…

In Chengdu, China. 

After some of the most gnarly turbulence I’ve ever experienced in all my time flying, we were then diverted from Lhasa to Chengdu. Just before landing, the plane gave all its thrust and we were back in the air. 

At first, we thought that we’d just be making a big loop and we might make another attempt at the landing.  With the plane still ascending, we knew something was off. The flight attendants were running back and forth to each of the windows to look outside, which of course is not exactly confidence inspiring. All the while, there were no announcements being made. Finally, after it was pretty clear that there would be no landing attempt, the flight attendant came on and informed us that due to bad weather in Lhasa, we were heading to Chengdu. 

Allegedly it’s fairly common for that to happen, given that the airport is over 12,000ft. With less dense air, it makes it much more difficult to consistently land, which then of course translates into diversions. 

When we were about 30 minutes outside Chengdu, we got another nasty dose of turbulence which was actually worse than the first round. I think the plane dropped a few hundred feet in the middle of it all. These pilots have got to have pair of brass ones.  For all I know, they wear a diaper and I can guarantee they will be changing after this flight. Hell, I may need a change too…

I’ve always wanted to see central China!  Well, that’s not entirely true. However, I don’t have much of a choice, which means we’ll be making the best of it!!

Continuing to add to the expedition excitement!!



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