Hiking and no wind (well, less wind)

 After a few solid days of rest and recovery, today we went out and hiked a bit up one of the valleys.

It felt great to get out, breathe and see more of the valleys near basecamp. 

I’m feeling optimistic that I’ve gotten over the hump and I’m settling into a groove of being at altitude.

Tomorrow will be a rest day. Two things are super exciting about said rest day. One, I get to do some laundry. Some pieces are getting pretty ripe, so I’m sure my climbing partners will be quite appreciative. The other bonus of the rest day will be my first shower since getting to basecamp!  I can’t wait! 

While although we do have the capacity to have a shower at basecamp and even ABC, hot water isn’t exactly an endless commodity.  When we get to advanced basecamp, all the water we will have will come completely from melted ice. It will be he 24hr job of a person to make sure that there is water. As such, luxuries like showers must be highly rationed.  We might get a shower every 5-7 days at best. Trust me, I will make the most of those showers and appreciate every last drop. I’m sure those around me will as well. 

It feels great to feel good again.   


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