Adaptability and Pujas

Yesterday we had our Puja which all went well.

A Puja is a ceremony where the Sherpa by way of a local Buddhist lama asks the mountain for permission to climb safely.

The Sherpa had built a stone shrine with prayer flags strewn across all of ABC. Then they piled all of the items they wanted blessed next to the shrine.

The original plan was for us to be heading up to the North Col (23,000ft / 7000m) today. However, we’ve opted to stay another day at ABC, then cut our stay up high by a night. Our plan now is to stay two nights at North Col and then see how high we can climb one of the days. Ideally, we’ll touch 7500meters. We shall see!

After that rotation, we’ll be primed and ready for our summit push!!  It’ll be partly about the weather and also the Chinese Tibetan Mountaineering Association whom are the ones that set the route and fix thes ropes to the summit.

It’s about to get real!

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