The other side of things

After hiking around at Union Glacier, watching movies, and enjoying the company of other groups, Bryan will be headed off the ice tomorrow morning.

I have to say, I am very proud of him.  I have no concept whatsoever of what it takes to do the climbs he has done, but I imagine it is both physically and mentally challenging.  I also know that if I had to do something like climb Vinson, I would want a guy like Bryan on my team.  As I am sure he will blog about the logistics of his grand adventure, I am also sure he won’t brag about his patience with others and his willingness to help people out and not complain or whine about it.

There are plenty of people that do these kinds of climbs, or even more difficult physical feats, but Bryan’s humility regarding his adventures and how amazing he is as a person in general is what makes him so stellar.  I don’t think anyone reading this blog needs to be convinced Bryan is exceptional, nor do I think Bryan is doing the Seven Summits to convince others he is.  I know the point of this blog is to keep others informed of his progress and safety throughout his travels, not to brag

So because Bryan won’t brag about himself, I will.   Bryan, what you did on Christmas Eve was extraordinary.  You are a bad ass, for many reasons.  What is so cool is you would be a bad ass even if you never climbed a mountain in your life, but, being the bad ass that you are, you just do that kind of stuff.  You see something, you want to do it, and then you make it happen.  Not only that, you make it happen in the most humble way possible.  So maybe when you come back and tell us of your spectacular trip, you will include references to your amazingness.  Perhaps if you do, your girlfriend will stop writing this kind of stuff on your blog and keep to sarcastic posts about your pre-flight drink debacles.

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