Back in civilization!!

We made it back and now are in Punta Arenas again. It sure feels good to be able to take a shower, eat at a table and get a beer without knowing that it was flown in once every 10 days and cost $30/each based on weight. Although, knowing that made it taste a hell of a lot better.

I think everyone else is pretty psyched to be back in civilization, even if that means we are at the southern most point of Chile and still a long couple of flights from home.

I’ll update a trip report when I get back and have a normal keyboard to use instead of trying to pound it out on an iPhone.

Thank you to everyone for your support and following along. It was a great trip with a great group of people.

One thought on “Back in civilization!!

  1. Bryan, I loved reading your story! Its so fascinating to learn about these types of adventures that I surely will never be taking. I will find time to read your previous ones too! Thanks for blogging this!


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