Namche Bazar

Made it to Namche today after about 4.5-5hrs of walking. We gained a fair bit of elevation today, and are currently sitting around 11,500ft. Starting to feel it a little bit, but still feeling great overall!

Just before we got to our hotel for the night, we stopped at a local bakery for a coffee & pastry, which were both awesome. Super rough program we’re on here – as you can tell. Then we made our way up the stairs to our lodging for the next two nights. Great location, with an amazing view of the village.

Namche Bazar is a fairly major trade village for the local sherpa people. This is their Walmart. Never mind the fact that in order to get toilet paper, shampoo or beer takes someone nearly a week of carrying it strapped to their head to actually get it to the “market” It’s also the last bastion for buying any needed items we wished we had. From here on out, everything will carried in or in the case of Everest Base Camp, it’ll be flown in.

The higher we go, the more that basic things cost, like charging electronics (about $2) to boiling water or anything else. Even within the village the prices change as you go up the hill. $2 for 30 minutes of internet access in town to $2.50 a few feet up the hill.

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