Second day in Namche

Today we ended up getting a fairly early start at around 6:45ish. Today on tap for breakfast was French Toast. Not too shabby, considering we’re several day’s walk from anything.

After breakfast, we packed up for our acclimatization hike for the day. Namche sits about 11,200ft, which is a great place to start feeling the affects of altitude. Even just a few steps up the stair case in the lodge, and you’re taking a few extra breaths. We headed up to the Everest View Hotel, where we got our first view of the mountain itself. Very cool to see Everest, Cholatse, Ama Dablam and the back side of Nuptse as well. All impressive mountains in their own right.

Apparently, that hotel pumps oxygen into the rooms for their guests enjoyment. With it being about 12,700ft, it wouldn’t make for a very fun night if you came straight in there. Apparently the oxygen is a result of the Nepali royal family wanting to take a helicopter straight into that hotel and stay. Going from 3,500ft in Kathmandu to the Everest View Hotel would be absolutely miserable without it.

From there, we walked over to the Khumjung village, which is a very traditional Nepali/Sherpa village that doesn’t see many trekkers or climbers as the route from Namche to the next town generally bypasses Khumjung. Conveniently, for the Sherpa, there is a medical clinic that has western doctors that do rotations offering their services as well as getting experience with high altitude ailments.

We left the Khumjung village and passed through Khande on our way back to Namche Bazar. Sadly, the bakeries were all closed down today, so we didn’t get to get our fill of apple pie, or cheese croissant until we got back to town.

Tomorrow, we’re off to the next village for one night before we head to Dingboche for three nights. The name of the town escapes me, but I’m sure it has something to do with “che” Maybe, Someche?

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