"Rest day" at Dingboche

Today was just another day like many we’ll have which are labeled “rest days” and are slightly more like active recovery days. We slept in till about 7:00am today, had breakfast (I had the French Toast again, which was awesome), and French press coffee. Not too shabby here at the Snow Lion Inn at 14,500ft. Last night we had an awesome roast chicken & veggie meal. So far, the best meal I’ve had of the trip. It was amazing!

This morning I felt like I’d recovered fully from my bout with the runs, but fate would have something else in store. About an hour out the village, I desperately had to dash for the closest rock that hid me from the trail. At this point, there is unfortunately little doubt that I should start taking Cipro to get rid of what’s been ailing me for the past few days. Hoping that kicks in quick and gets rid of my special time in these super amazing bathrooms. For what it’s worth, the best bathrooms have a toilet where you have to fill the tank yourself and a bucket beside the toilet for the paper. The not so good ones are simply holes in the ground. If you’re lucky, there are a pile of leaves & pine needles for you to push into the hole after you’re done. Surprisingly, those ones are quite nice, all things considered. No smell.

We cruised up to Chunkung which was a village about 2hrs away and up at about 15,700ft. Good little hike today.

Of course, we were done in time to make it back for lunch, tea, and a hot shower. You never quite appreciate taking a hot shower as much as when you simply can’t. The place we are at has a gas water heater, which is exceptionally rare, but very welcome. 350 Rupees for a shower (or about $4 USD) is the best money you can spend. Wash off the grime, and then do a bit of laundry so that things don’t get too out of control.

We got some amazing views of Ama Dablam, Island Peak and the back side of Lhotse (Low-tsee)which is an 8000 meter peak right next to Everest.

Now, just back at the Snow Lion, enjoying some super tasty ginger & lemon tea, and relaxing before we have dinner and call it a night.

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