Slow day at EBC

It’s Christmas!!! Well, not really, but we did get snow over night. Now, our chore for the day is to keep shaking the tent to keep the snow from building up and ultimately leaking into our sprawling estate we call the dining tent.

The upside with the snow is that it keeps it a bit warmer at night than when we get the clear, crisp skies. The downside, is that the laundry I did and threw up on my tent is now stiff as a board and totally covered in snow. Awesome. Sure glad I wasn’t planning on using that stuff today…

The plan of record is still to head up to camp one tonight.

One thing we still haven’t quite gotten used to is the sound of avalanche all around us. From rock slide on neighboring peaks, to snow, to ice. It keeps you on alert, that’s for sure. Constant reminders that we are not in control, and Chomolungma (Tibetan name for Mt Everest) is whom will decide, not us.

I’ve thrown in a few pictures of the lower icefall for your viewing pleasure. The shot of Pumori turned out too, so I threw that in for good measure.

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